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Because Australia.

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Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party has a lot of fuck ups and wanna-be's that have already come and gone in her more recent political time.


She speaks the populist lines all over and there's a core group of supporters sure but she's more of a protest vote in a country where voting is compulsory.

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Meanwhile today in the town of Ipswich Australia someone dun goof'd - 

That will NOT buff out.





                          Bob was thinking to himself - "Is my load under 4.7 M?"

     Then suddenly the answer hit him.

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One Nation received less than 5 per cent of the primary vote in Saturday's election, after polls had suggested the party's vote could be as high as 9 per cent.


The party missed out entirely on a seat in the lower house, and looks likely to only secure one in the upper house.

Ms Hanson said the party had damaged itself by associating with the state's outgoing premier Colin Barnett.


"All I heard all day and leading up to this election [was] 'Why are you sending your preferences to the Liberal Party?" she said.

"I don't think it was the Liberal Party, I think it was Colin Barnett. The people here did not want Colin Barnett — he should have stepped aside.




So like HRC,Pauline is blaming someone else for her own failure to sufficiently connect with the voters.


No Trump style landslide to power for her folks.......

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