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89' Toyota Pickup *you guessed it, foul language*

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So, this has been going on for a while, but I'll post up what I did.




1989 Toyota Pickup 204k mi, 5 spd, 4wd deluxe.


The tires had been fucking up, because the tires had been sitting for like 5 years. Dude bought it new then ended up giving it to his daughter who gave it back when she got outta college.



Put some new 32x12.50 on some nice Dick Cepek wheels.


Now I like to do some long range shooting and I do search and rescue. I needed to beef up some shit.

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That two bit bullshit home grown bumper had to go. I picked up an All Pro Off-road front winch bumper and a Trail Gear rear.




They came raw so I finished them myself with some Rustolem auto paint. I think they came out well..




Little tune up with an LC Engineering Valve Cover and some shine.




KC Led Foglights and a Smittybuilt XRC 9500 # winch. It's not the fastest, but it definitely does the fucking job.






I upgraded to Corbeau Buckets that are hard as a motherfucking rock.... the white you're seeing in the harness hole is a seat heater. I put those in because you really don't need harnesses.... it's a street driven truck. But, you sometimes need to warm someone's ass up. Ask the last idiot I pulled out of the snow.




My exhaust manifold was cracked at the collector so I tossed this Trail Gear stainless on it. Honestly, totally worth it.



I have a shitload of new parts for it. Once it rotates in I'll get it all touched up. Other things, I have a power master alt, optima red top, H4 headlamp conversion, rancho shocks, blah blah blah.

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Actually my last warn winch was too fast for such a light rig. I have come-alongs and a highlift jack with straps and all that jazz. I don't "wheel" it. I mostly just camp. I don't like to break my shit, which is what wheeling is...


I have a nice LC Engineering 22RE on a stand waiting to replace what it came with. Should give me a 30% increase in power with all the other shit.

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Had to replace the front suspension to match the rear. To get to the dampeners you have to remove the endlinks, which were shot. I suppose 28 years will kill rubber...




So I tossed in some Rancho dampeners, and I ordered a Rancho 5000 Steering Stabilizer which.... won't fucking fit. After screwing around with an Amazon seller who fucking returned it to me and refused a refund because I'd "opened it" I ordered an Old Man Emu unit out of... 'Straylia.


It drives sooooooo much different.... honestly it drives nicer than the last new car I bought in 2015...

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You dropped a nut lol

Yes sir, the end links and shocks all came with new hardware, which is good because I actually had to hacksaw the old ones off due to corrosion. The misc nut is probably one off the links. I picked up tools, took pics then swept up my mess afterwards. So you'll usually see debris in my shots.

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