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z24/ z22 questions


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Timing kit won't work, nor will the timing cover gaskets. The z20/22 motors have a different shape intake opening on the head from the z24 so that can disrupt flow. The manifold will function, just perhaps not optimally.


Z24 is taller in the block than z22. Because of that, the chain will be too short. The timing cover gaskets will also be too short.


Depending on which valve cover you have (stamped steel or cast aluminum) you may need to purchase a valve cover gasket as well.


Other than that, yes those parts can be assembled together. But there are compression ratio questions about combining engine parts that need to be answered as well.

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The water pump will interchange.


The Z20* head will bolt up but it has round ports and the Z24 intake is square with rounded corners. It will work though just not a perfect match.


* must be a Z20 from an A10 or S110 second gen 200sx. If this is a 720 Mileage Option Z20 head, the combustion chambers are much smaller and the compression ratio jumps the Z24 to about 9.5




I think all after market Z series head gaskets are a one size fits all so.... probably OK. The factory ones are probably much closer to the actual bore size.


Z20.... 85mm

Z22.... 87mm

Z24.... 89mm


You'll have to measure the Z22 gasket but if it fits the Z22 perfectly, it will be exposed by 1mm all the way round on a Z24. Place it on the Z24 and just make sure it doesn't hang out over the hole. The metal trim around the cylinders is called the fire ring and is expected to be clamped between head and block to keep it cool. If openly exposed to the combustion heat directly it will make it glow and become a source if pre ignition. The heat will also erode it away.

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