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3n71b Rebuild help


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Before we get started I know it's not worth anyone's time to rebuild this thing but for me it's a learning experience so please indulge me.



Now. I am trying to get this thing back together but the one piece I really need is the one piece no one has unless I get another trans. I need the retaining plate for the forward-reverse clutch pack. It's is part #40 in the diagram on http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1972-1979/power-train/oil-pump-clutch-brakes#1


Now I haven't ruled out buying another trans but then I just have another trans to take up space. I found a trans shop here (Houston at the moment) that thought they could get me the part but of course that fell through.


They come in different thicknesses and the one I have was/should be 5.6mm but it is worn out. Any help is appreciated. I am going to do a manual swap eventually but I just want the truck on the road right now.

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OK. I'm heading back to Dallas for the weekend then back in Houston next week. Im gonna go check out the trans here and see what it is, I know it's out of a Z just not sure of year. If it's not the 3 could it be the 4. Which I'm kinda OK with but then I gotta tear down another trans

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The ZX turbo had an E3N71B automatic. The E signifies a light heavy duty automatic. It had extra clutches and plates in it to handle the extra power. The 280zx did not have the L4N71B nor the L3N71B with the locking torque converter.

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Are you rebuilding your trans or did you get a basket case trans and are trying to put it back together?


I had the reverse go out in the jatco that's in my z recently. The clutches in reverse and 2nd gear are the weakest (normal wear and tear parts) in this trans.

I bought another replacement trans from a wrecking yard. It was from a 79 zx  I've never torn one apart but might have to rebuild my old one if the zx one is toast too.


I'm curious about the condition of your 2nd gear and reverse clutches and bands. They have plenty of material on them?


Love the auto in stop n go traffic and it's quite quick off the line in the z.  I've driven an L20b automatic before and liked its crisp shifting too.


From what i've read it's a pretty good trans and not very complicated. Shift kits for them are still around too.

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The turbo zx auto is the toughest with extra clutches and plates, a revised modulator valve, larger brake band, and higher line pressure in addition to a higher stall speed torque converter and a wide ratio (lower first ) gear set

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