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Jrock's powdercoat,, aka Captain Testicales workshop. 2017 so stop bumping


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I plan to be there. We'll see what happens.


One headlight bulb went out in my car. not sure if I'll be able to fix it or just scrap the whole thing

You could probably sell it, just don't turn the head lights on and you should be good.

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We might be showing up closer to 11-ish



Updated list


Scalpum was here and said he's bringing hot dog like affairs

Jrock ( who obviously didn't read the last page of thread) is bringing hamburger patty stuff

I am bringing hamburger patty stuff also condiments and an onion and lettuce

Qtip said he was bringing liquids in a cooler

Chester said he would bring beer

Rick said he was going to flash his wiener at the ladies

Tdaaj said he would stop and get some kinda deli salad type shit

FAT510 will grab something in the morning but hasn't decided what yet.


If you wanna bring some chips or salad or plates and spoons do it if you want  or not i dont care ,, just roll that piece of shit up here.
















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