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New member with a new 240.


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Hey guys, wanted to introduce myself. I brought this 240 home yesterday. It was a very good friends car who passed away a few months ago. He was the person who first got me into the Z car community in the mid 90's.

This car has had a lot of work done inside and out, unfortunately only he truly knew everything done. It does have a v8 swapped so hopefully that is not total blasphemy here.

I will probably be asking for help sourcing interior parts as I only found about 60% of it. Lots of rear interior parts are missing.












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Is that a 67-68ish mustang I spy in the background?

1969 but close. 


Its a beast. Single turbo, 363 ci small block making close to 1000hp.


I have some work to do on the Z before its really road worthy. Lots of sketchy wiring to fix, the lights work but dash lights only work when they want to. The tach has been calibrated for 8 cylinders which is good and the speedo is right on. I need to figure out if the rear end has been messed with or not, R180 or R200 and open or LSD. I had a 75 280 in high school with a 3.54 ratio R200 that I scattered all over. That car made over 500 hp. I was surprised the rear lasted 4 years before grenading. 





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Cool solid face wheels!  I was trying to find those in the 4 lug pattern for a while but they don't seem to be on the market anymore.

Car came with 2 sets. They are actual Center Line wheels. Second set is deep dish offset so they will fill the wells up better. Unfortunately both sets are 14" so I probably wont use them. I am looking at larger wheels so my tire choices will be better and larger disc brakes will clear too. Since you are in Austin if you need a set, hit me up. 

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