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620 Seat refurb, How hard can it be? *adult language*


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I covered some of this in my build thread, but I'll start one here to get wider opinions.


Im going to swear in this thread. If such words offend you, feel free to throw a block party on me.


If you're still reading, you're my kind of fucking person.


Ok, how hard can it be to do anything? Few YouTube videos, an Internet forum, and a shitload of time can solve nearly all problems.




This, is kinda where I started.


Im going WAY out on a limb to say that is not a factory Walmart cover....


Under that, is this:



Under this is was four black widow spiders.... which... equals bug bomb. Seriously... I'm out. I hate spiders. Dunno why, just not my thing.


So, while I'm locked outta my garage for the next, whatever the directions on that can say, what do you think?


Can a guy, with zero sewing experience, acceptably reupholster that seat? I need to fix some of the springs, but the frame is in good shape. I'll need new burlap, then cut the stock seat cover apart, trace it out on new fabric, and sew it back up. Then hog ring it all back together.


What do you think?

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shit, you didn't say in your build thread that you have zero sewing experience......


fly your buddy up


We would get absolutely nothing done.... I know us.


He was EOD (disarmed bombs) and got out with no desire to work for anyone else, and no experience in upholstery. He built his own business in three years I jokingly jib him about making custom pontoon boats for gator hunting reality tv stars.


I'm definitely gonna do some more research on this before I pull the trigger. I build all kinds of shit I have no formal training in. It's literally four seams. I might fuck around a little just to see how it looks.

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Alright then, fuck it, I'm game. Worst case, I'll farm it out.


Seriously though, I can't do any worse than the seat cover that's currently there. I'm looking up sewing machines and fabrics.


My buddy suggested I use latex, however I don't want my 620 to look like an S&M dungeon on the inside. I'd actually like to use more of a canvas style material that wears well and will take to scotchgard.

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