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buck fifty 720, again


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welp, picked up a 2nd 720. also for $150. this one's an 83 with the 2.4 and a blown headgasket. the body is super straight and no rust to speak of. it's got a factory sunroof, which is rad, and power steering which is kinda cool. i haven't gotten to dig into it much further, it's still sitting at the PO's house until i can line up a trailer, but i'm stoked! it has a ratsun sticker on the driver hi-beam, haha.




the rest of the front clip is in the bed. i'll get more pictures and info on it once i get it home!

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looks like that's what i'm doing, pulling the engine and transmission from the other truck and putting everything in this one. my brother's gonna help me out and he likes making time lapse videos, so maybe we'll do one of the whole swap. i'll post it up if we do

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well, the swap is done. lots of other little things need to be ironed out, but it's pretty much ready to be my new daily ride. took it on it's first drive tonight and discovered the brake booster's bad, so i'll need to swap that over from the 81. and the seatbelts. and the interior side panels. and the gauge cluster. and a bunch more bits and pieces. lots of pictures and a time lapse soon, but here's one pic of the 2.2 all nestled in there for now




i learned a lot about the truck when i got it home. i ran the vin and it was just a base model 720, but someone ordered a lot of options. it has the aforementioned sunroof as well as the front sway bar, tilt wheel, power steering, and that fancy wood grain dash.


it's got a couple rust holes along the valance under the windshield, but they only open into the space below the valance and not into the cab, so i'm going to let them be until i go to put in a new windshield (this one has a couple chips and a nice bullseye). 


overall, i'm really excited about it. definitely did ok for $150.

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I mixed later round gauges with an early square gauge wire harness and all the warning lamps were mixed, tach and clock didn't work. Had to pull the pins in the connector and move them around. For example a left turn made the oil pressure light flash. Right turn made the 4x4 indicator flash. I got everything to work except the high beam indicator, that eluded me. You may have the same problem.... or not

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I'm pretty handy with wiring and things, I'm pulling the pins on the plugs and wiring up the plug for the square gauges. When all's done, I can lay out the conversation for everyone, as long as I can remember to take pictures. I'm the worst at it.

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