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Finally able to post.


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I have been following this forum for years, and I am finally at the point I can start working on my truck a 1970 521. This site has been a wealth of knowledge and information, I look forward to a long and friendly relationship.



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Last year we cleared out the deli section of fiesta foods.


Carne asada, carnitas, pollo. Beans, rice, tortillas. 5 foot round table full of food-no room for anything left.



Awesome people. Lots of Datsuns. Fun cruise around town.





And the thread for it had lots of pics. Just saying.

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Well what engine do you have? J13 or L16 it will be stamped on the engine tag. If your build date is before Oct '69 then you would have the round red reflector and a J13 engine. Your truck would be an L521


From Oct. '69 and on, were federally mandated rectangular red rear and amber front marker lights were used and you would have an L16 engine and it would be a PL521.



There is a huge 520/521 following so I will bow to their knowledge in this. 

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Unfortunately, it does not run. It came with a huge box of parts and chrome trim. I was planning on doing inventory here in the next couple of weeks, when the ice freaking melts....

I hope this does not upset anyone, But I just rebuild a suzuki g13b twin cam 16 valve, and transmission. I was tinkering with the idea of dropping that in the truck. We will see. Need to get one more project moved out of the way and Hopefully I can get started on it shortly.

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Transmission from what? RWD something, hopefully.


First Datsun? Get it running first with the L.

See how you feel after you shake all the bugs out of it.


Easier to sort things in stock trim than try to diagnose shit after a transplant and whatever electrical goodies you add.

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