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My 1975 datusn 620 dealer convershion 4x4


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WFT are you talking about, gibberish about the Portland concrete and concrete isn't cement. Why using Portland as an example of a concrete city? Hobo said he shoot past there. He lives in northern WA, so up there somewhere.




So... Let's talk about this truck. What motor, 4spd or 5spd, tire size, dana20 still, what's left to do, coming to Canby in the 4x4?





Oh and where are the pics?

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And now living in roseburg Oregon .....the 1975 Datsun 620 still has the Dana 30 front axle Dana 20 t case sitting on the vector racing rims on 31-11.50 r15 tires ....painted orange now ...has the L20b motor bored .30 over mid cam canon side draft in take and crab set up racing peanut head ...4sppen trans new 2.5inch exhaust with a world of out laws sprint car exhaust 4 inch inlet .. New radiator new clutch slave new .....glass new lights roll bar .....lots of other parts have been replaced and still looking for some other aftermarket stuff to add to her .... When I got it it was bad shape now she's looking better and after tax time she's getting another 1200$ put in it to finish her up with paint,stripes,and window tiny

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Photobucket app for pictures!


Welcome to Ratsun, there's a bunch of us in Eugene/Sprinfield areas, my brothers in Roseburg, one has a Nissan Hardbody and the other clown has a '76 620KC, both trucks are OD green and they both drive them all over Roseburg so you might see them, looking forward to meeting you :thumbup:

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