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Refinished instrument cluster

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Hey ratsun folks, I just thought I would throw this out there for you to look at maybe come up with some ideas or whatever. Only 1 or 2 of my gauge bulbs were working in my 521 so I pulled the gauges out to see if it was maybe something else and ordered new led bulbs. All of the pins for the wiring plug were a little loose so I fixed those with some solder. The chrome bezel was rusted and pitted so I sanded primed and painted it blue. The needles for the gauges were faded, used my wife's bright red nail polish and put 3 coats on the needles. Since it was all taken apart I decided I might as well paint the grey as it also was a little faded. The bulbs came in so I popped out the little green dome light covers and installed the lights. Also the blinker indicators were originally a thick material I took that out and glue in some thin blue plastic. I'm thinking my voltage regulator is no good? Neither the temp or fuel gauges are working at the moment

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Eh, just tape over it with duct tape like a p\o did on mine. No one will know.


I've only seen loose connections like that in rigs that spent a lotta time in the Forest Service. The vibration from driving fast on rough roads could do that. That's the fun part of having an old rig.

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