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has anyone ever tried swapping E-15 and E-16 engines? I have a 92 Nissan sentra classic with a blown head-gasket and an 82 datsun 310 with a rebuilt head/new head-gasket. Can i swap the E-15 in place of the E-16? I`m hoping i can bolt all the E-16 parts to the E-15 to keep the throttle body injection. Thanks

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You're the first person to mention it since I've been a Ratsun member.


I love the E motors. They have massive HP potential, due to the cylinder head, port design. I've built them to run in SCCA GT and DSR classes and even a few for the street. With dual 44's (or ITB's), they really scream.




Mounting them in a longitudinal position, you're going to have to come up with a solution for the distributor. Either a distributor relocation, some sort of electronic ignition, or cut a deep recess in your firewall.


Body mods are probably the easiest route, but also the quickest route to destroying a good car. I had to relieve the firewall in my dad's Sunbeam Alpine to make room for the 4AGE-20V Blacktop I put in it, but I think I did a good job. If you have sheetmetal welding skills, this is a piece of cake. If not...find someone that does.









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I do believe it can be done. I've have the remnants of A/E engine hybrid ( E15 turbo cylinder head mounted on A14 block) that was used in SCCA D sports racers before everyone went to bike motors (once upon a time I ran a Yamaha DSR). I seem to recall talk about the E-Series being interchangeable. Parts couldn't mixed and matched to get anything between 1300cc to 1700cc.


Check on the Pulsar forums from Australia and New Zealand but I know there where some old posts on there that would answer your questions.



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Again down to memory but the E Series was an update to the A Series (hence the E head bolting on) the GA was an update on the E series; somewhere on Datsun1200.com there is a post about swapping bellhousings to swap GAs into older FWD cars.

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Well it lasted 3 or 4 weeks before it shit the bed so I am now half way thru swapping the Japan built E-15 in place of the Mexican E-16. Only the block head and thermostat/distributor mont are the same everything else has been swapped onto the E-15 from the E-16. Hopefully it fires up and runs ok once it's reinstalled

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Ya everyone like pics lol. The engine is in and mostly hooked up but I broke one of the cv c clips so I won't be able to complete the swap until sunday

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the clip that screwed me 



all installed, got it fired up tonight seems to run well just have to figure out how to time it and maybe adjust the valves.

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They seem to go thru head gaskets but other wise are good little engines. For the record it almost fits the valve covers have different predrilled holes so only on of the air cleaner bolts lines up and the coolant return spout is different which required an inline tee for the heater connection

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