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Chinese A/C


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I am probly getting one of these for my 620 unless it's a bad idea.http://www.ebay.com/itm/122267241218?



OEM units are almost unobtainable down here, and I am willing to fab the underhood needs.

My L16 had an a/c comp. bracket on it still, but that's all. I will weld/rig some kind of compressor.




What do you folks think?

About what size condenser would I use?



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Looks like it won't be hard to find a universal one..



Man, it would be nice to be chillin this summer. I haven't had air in my daily since I boosted my Civic probly 8 years.


I personally would not trust a site that asked me to "White back to us" to find out if their unit would fit!

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See if you can "borrow" an AC parts catalog from your local auto parts store.  I once retrofit an AC system into a classic car, and was able to use a Town and Country van condenser core in it - which only cost $50 new.  The catalog lists dimensions and fitting locations.  Or use this online version:



You need a standard "hotrod" compressor - small - but you want a big evaporator, as that's what sheds heat.  You can only utilize a condenser equal to the size of the radiator opening.  

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Sorry - yes condenser unit up front.  Evap inside.  You think I'd remember that after spending 10 years as an A/C service tech... Brain fart.   


If you run a TXV, the size difference between the tow is unimportant.  If that Chinese unit does not include a TXV, one can be fitted easily.  It simply monitors line temp and opens when the suction line cools close to freezing temp to prevent evaporator core icing.  As small as a truck interior is, it shouldn't be difficult to get it down to about 45 degrees in there in August, provided you get a big condenser and have a big interior fan.  

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They have complete kits on Ebay that include the evap w/TXV, condenser, compressor, hoses and fittings for $500. All I would need is some 134a




Looks like the smaller Evap/indoor blower unit is onlyabout 12" deep...i'll keep that in mind and try to measure this weekend. Dont want to block the heater output.


Im going to give one of these a try this summer if I get everything else done. I was an A/C tech for 15 years. I think I could do this. Kicking myself because I gave away my vacuum pump 6 mos ago...."im never gonna need this" ....Sheesh.  :blush:

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