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Sr20DET swap


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Hey guys, Im new to the forum and needing some answers to a couple questions.

I recently picked up a s14 sr20det engine up for my Datsun 510. I sent the cross member out to McKinney for the swap. I've looked everywhere and I just need a clear answer, On that cross member that they are making for me, I do need engine mounts.

So do I take the engine mounts off the sr20 I have, then swap them to the 610 mounts, I've read about. Or should I go with McKinney's mounts.



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So i can go with the Sr20 rubber mounts on the engine ! Thanks! that makes it much easier.



And here's the picture to believe it. :) (Couldn't figure out how to post a photo on the comments so did it on google.)




About a month ago I found the car in a junkyard 2 hours out from my house, Thought id never stumble across one for this price. But I'm currently in the process of saving it, Its been sitting for 28 years in the woods, and needs everything. Floors are done and cars sandblasted and I have ordered just about every part for the body besides the quarters (which are nearly impossible to find. futofab told me they wouldn't have them until April and a company in Australia says there out of stock as well and wont ship to me when they get them in. Doing what I can around that, but it would be nice to have them so I could start the trunk and fitting the other parts on the car. Waiting is tuff but it'll get done eventually. but here's a older picture about 3 weeks into owning the car just stripped of all the parts and the 30k mile SR.

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if you can.  lower the car onto the engine.  it's a bitch trying to stab that SR in there.




My build I went bottom up and did it by myself. So damn easy.




BTW Your pict link didn't work. Open a Photobucket account, upload your images, click on the desired image and it brings up a page with different choices of file types on the right. Click on the IMG box and it automatically copies it, then paste it in the test field here on Ratsun. 

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Just got mine.  :D It's a nice upgrade but that's not the only expense. You need to source the rack from a Toyota MR2, or Corolla. 



This is nice, and the bump steer plot is great! Whats the distance across from mounting hole to mounting hole? This may be the next s10 200sx mod.

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Yeh, McKinney kind of f"d me over. He cut into my cross member and sandblasted it saying it was not usable... which i understand. We talked about a refund and take the deductions of what work you had into it. It spent 5 months there with him and later after pressing him to send it back and reimburse me for some of the money, he still has not. Wasted about $400 between shipping and the work he didn't do. 

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29.5 on center.



It's the combination of all the points that make our crossmember work as well as it does.  rack height to LCA height is really important too.  

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