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Please help me to choose a Piston


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Hello to everyone


Its time to rebuild my engine.

While im doing that i was thinking of generating in the same turn a bit of hidden power.

The head is already done (back on the block since 3 monthe to run in and try out if that what i did works) so far everything is going well,


The big question now is what kind of Piston should i put in my L16 Block.

I tried already to get a L20B but they are really hard to get over here in germany same as L18 or anything for thoues cars ;)

So i guess i have no other chance than build the L16.


I could get a Flat top piston from Zypern with a overbohr from 0.75mm

Or i could put a L20B piston in it.


The l 20 b Piston will have that deep dish 11.36cc 85mm bohr


What would run better?

More compression or more cubic capasity ? 


cheers Floro



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I Know that i could take the L18 Piston. the problem is its hard to find.

and i can get a set of piston plus rings an everything from a L16 =83 bore oversize 0.75mm so that would be a 83.75mm piston with a flat top for 100€


doues it make a big differenz between the 83.75mm flat top to the 85 mm 4cc dished piston?


Not bad your german. I will put some pics up from the W115 but its boring its all stock


cheers floro

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L16 .75MM IS GOOD GENUG!!!!!!!!!!!



L16 and L18 is the same to me. Its the Cylinder head that makes the power.  Unless its a L20 and the cylinder head.


In USA L16s cam with a 210 marked cylinder head and its very small valves and ports



When I was in Bitburg/Eifel I saw a 510 that was overturned on the side of the road.But back then I had a 78 3ltr Capri!!!!!!!!

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L16 bore is the same as the L24 (240Z), they were flat tops from the factory.  L18 will accept the L28 (280z) flat top pistons, BUT it will be a 0.040" (1mm) over bore.  Good luck



L18/L20B are 85mm. L28 is 86mm. 



What you did, I see. Made it easier for new guy to see it too; fixed*

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