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72 Wagon auto to manual - quick question

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So I need to cut the trans tunnel for the shifter hole. Does anyone have any rough measurements to where the hole should be cut? Just need a general idea where to mark to cut the hole. Would it be in the similar location where the auto shifter is currently bolted to the trans tunnel?


Thanks in advance!

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Wait until you find a 5 speed to install. The extra gear makes it so much more drivable on the road.

Once you get a 5 speed, do as the others said. Bolt it to the bell housing, push the tailshaft up with a floor Jack and mark where the shifter will come through. Use a drill from the bottom and drill a hole up through the tunnel. Then Mark the cutout on the top and use a jigsaw to cut it out. Be careful of the brake lines that run through the tunnel.

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I think you'll find the stock auto and the standard shifter comes out of the floor in about the same place. Measure back from the engine mounting surface on the transmission, to the shifter. Now measure back from the same place on the engine to the auto shift  hole in the floor. Same?

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