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car cover Datsun 1200 sedan

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Hello everyone I need to park my car on the street for a while does anyone know a good fitting car cover for a Datsun 1200 sedan

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You probably wont find one specifically for a Datsun 1200, so I would measure the length of the car and find something comparable.  Maybe a Miata, a Mini Clubman Wagon, etc, etc. 


I did something similar for my 1200 sedan, but it was years ago and don't remember specifically what I ended up with. 

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I don't think this is available anymore but it was a medium sized car cover from costco.

The flapping in the wind polished some spots of my jacked up paint but otherwise seemed ok.

It's a little loose but it doesn't touch the ground.


Pic is of my 1200 2dr sedan.


Costco "Premium Car Cover" Size Medium,Item #347994,  About $30
Advertised Dimensions: 178"/452cm L, 64"/162cm W, 45"/114cm H




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I just used the BRE 510 one, it worked perfect for my Sedan. Also worked good for my 510. haha...

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