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Any wheel brand recommendations for my 1981 datsun 210?


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Yes, cheap....


For a street car buy something you like the look of. For my old street B210 I had a set of Enkei wheels mainly because they came with some race parts I bought for my 1200 and one of them had been repaired. I trusted them on a road car but wasn't going to race on them.


I have Shelby Super Cars (BBS look alikes) on my 1200. They are 13", which I use because race tries are readily available and the rules call for that size. My spare set are Hotwires (mesh wheel).


Most aluminum wheels will work so again buy them in a style you like.

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Is your car lowered or stock high. What kind of look are you going for.? What size wheels do you want.? All these questions will come up.. Post pictures of the look your trying to achieve..

My car is stock high. I don't know what size I want yet, but I want to put wide rims( deep dish in a way) in the back.

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Do your homework first. Find out what will and will not fit. Any rim/tire that extends outside the fender risks having the body come down on it, on bumps and this is even more so if you later lower your ride height. Rims can be positioned inward or outward but adding or subtracting offset. Once you know what offset you need to properly 'fit' your car, then and only then, go out rim shopping. Rims should fit the car.... not the car made to fit the rims. There is nothing better looking than a car with well fitted rims and tires and nothing so sad looking than one that doesn't.  

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