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New to the forum, slightly overwhelmed

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Hey there I'm a new member to the forum. I will be starting a project later this year. I instantly fell in love with the Datsun 620 and decided no matter what this would be my first project car. I have a family member that knows his way around any jdm vehicle, assisting me along the way. With that being said I have no idea what engine swap, suspension, tuning, gears, tools, etc. I will need. Primarily going to be doing a budget friendly drift truck. Thank you in advance for any helpful or comical comments.

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The words "Datsun 620" and  "budget friendly drift truck" dont really go together.



Just worry about getting it running and driving with the stuff thats in it first.
It will get you familiar with your truck and how it all works,

the stock engine is a good platform to learn on and can be modded to be tons of fun in a 620.

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Skibs right.


Budget friendly and drift truck just dont go together.


Use it as a platform to learn your way around wrenching on a vehicle.


With the right advice and patience you'll learn heaps and hopefully have a lot of fun as well.


Oh, and welcome to the zoo.

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We don't much spoon feed around here. There is plenty of info regarding your questions of engines, suspensions, everything, on here. Decide what you want, then ask specific questions.


"What engine should I use?" Won't get you very far here. However, "I want an engine that is relatively affordable and common, naturally aspirated, fuel injected, and has plenty of opportunity to build more power, and basically bolts in. Is there such an option?" will get you a quick answer of use a KA24.

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Welcome Dats Ute,


This forum will be a great tool for you as long as you have a thick enough skin to take some shit talking from the members here. A common theme around here is to break you down before your excepted, as you ask stupid noob questions, then build you up.


Take your time doing research. I always open a google search page, add key words regarding my issue and with the word 'Ratsun'. The Ratsun home page search bar doesn't work as well.


When all else fails ask question.


Don't throw parts at you issue to solve a problem.


Take notes and post pictures. It helps is get to know your project and help diagnose issues.


And remember it's your truck and regardless of some people telling you how to build your project, it is YOURS and you can do whatever the fuck you want with it.


Good luck!





Oh ya and post them pictures

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If it's power for drifting your looking for a ka24 will be your best bet. There are members here who make things from such a swap. Do some browsing around in the project section to see what others do and get some ideas.


And to stick with Ratsun tradition, oics now!

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Often if a post isn't specific it opens the door to a bunch of assumptions, first among them here was that you already have a truck. It sounds like you are committed to a 620, but never said you actually have one. Also, are we talking a competitive drift, or just for fun? The difference between those are many $ thousands. Under inflate some shitty rear tires and you can have fun drifting with your stock L20. Again it's all relative. If you can be more specific though you'll get much better feed back. 


Do some research and you'll be able to focus on what it is you really need to ask. TONS of info out there. 

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Budget friendly and drift truck just dont go together.



No they go together just fine, if using say a D21 or newer.  It's only the classic truck as the base that makes to 2 not work together.


Drifting involves lots of "ooops" while learning. Leads to lots of body and suspension damage. Starting off with a base vehicle that requires months of searching for a part, that then can cost huge $ if it's in good condition is where the plan of using a classic goes bad.


There's a reason why even beat to hell 240sx's hold value now, not many left after the early run of the drift craze in the US.  People are looking for cheap yet stylish RWD alternatives for drifting.  They lose sight of the costs past initial buy in, and never take into account the broken parts cost, mostly because everyone thinks it's easy and they are better drivers than those noobs that crash a lot.


As a lover of the trucks, pretty much exclusively, his has been my fear for quite some time now, that the theywould become the new hot chassis for drift builds and it's becoming reality quickly.

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Another thing nobody mentioned..........Ratsun is a forum for smart asses, we all just happen to own Datsuns. Quoting another member from here but that statement should be required to be acknowledged when signing up for our little circus.

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