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77 620 5 speed transmission


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That's what I got from reading the label. GL-4 and GL-5 is not the same as GL-4 specific.


The Redline MT90 is GL-4 and 90wt so it does not leak anywhere, nor does it lube the synchros too much. All of the transmissions I have used it in have shifted better as a result.

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I made a filler tube once, for my Austin Healey Sprite. It was basically a tube from an auto trans that I modified and fit to the manual 4 spd. It did make it easy to fill the trans, but you still had to find out if it was low first, which meant pulling the fill plug. Kind of a wasted effort.

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Well had a hell of a time getting it out, but it went back in pretty easily. I did notice the one I pulled out was a "7" and the one I put in was a "L-5". And for filling out got a ump but ended up just using the hose and put an air hose in the ass of the bottle and it was done in no time. Definitely would have been easier if I had someone helping me. But thank you everyone for your advice and such

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That looks like the rear bearing cage, that transmission needs rebuilt, I wonder what else broke when that bearing let loose.

It should have made a whine, screech when it disintegrated, I would not be surprised when it busted a hole in the rear case that it didn't shake the whole truck when it did it, like something hit the frame hard while driving down the road.

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Rear countershaft bearing. It's low and to the rear. This is also the location of that mystery hole that was leaking. This transmission is laying on it's right side with front to the right and bottom away from you.

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