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Weber 32/36

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Weber direct, will probably be a Chinese made weber


Redline carbs, cost a little more, but will be a real weber and worth the extra cost


If getting a new one, call and be sure where the carb is made, A real weber has a raised "weber" symbol on the carb, a Chinese one has a weber sticker 

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Depends on of you want a brand new one, with an installation kit, or a used one you can mess with if you have all the parts to make it fit.  You also need to watch out for Weber "clones" that aren't real (like EMPIs).  Webercarbsdirect sells clones with a sticker.  Last I knew, Redline kits were still actual, Spanish made Webers.

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Stay away from knock offs like empi. Dont buy a use one on craigslist...go to pierce manifold, redline and weber direct. Go on line on how to spot a fake one. Side by side, they look alike. Get a manual choke, easy set up and try to get a one piece adapter, less prone to vacuum leaks. Good luck.

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I would expect that Top End Performance would be selling clones, as some of there other products are pretty cheap quality, but I don't know this, just making a guess, Pierce Manifolds is where I would buy, they have a good reputation, and you can get a person on the phone if there is an issue.

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