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Mystery component on engine


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Hi Folks,


Can anyone tell me what this connector is right beside the oil filter?  I have an L18 engine in my 620.




I was changing my spark plugs and now I'm having trouble starting her back up.  I just want to make sure I didn't disconnect anything on accident  because there is a loose wire that seems like it could fit on there.  I'm doubting that it is related to my trouble starting up but I'm more curious as to what it is than anything.





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That is the sensor that operates the dash oil light, it is likely a yellow wire with a green line that connects to it.

Are you sure you put the spark plug wires back in the same order, did you take them all out at once, or did you do one at a time?

Hey thanks a lot for the response, I appreciate that.


I'll have to double check tomorrow but I think they are in the right order.  Not sure if the spark plug wires may have been damaged.  I may have been a little rough handling them while diagnosing this issue.  The engine cranks and cranks but it won't start.


They are NGK plugs, I've heard you don't really need to check the gap?  Maybe I'll try my old plugs again? 


I'm just waiting fr the moment my battery dies from all this troubleshooting :)

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Firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2

Does it back fire out the carb or exhaust?

I forgot to say that the oil sensor likely will not effect it starting, but if you put the spark plug wires back in the wrong place, that will effect it.

Did you remove the wires from the dist. cap?

No backfiring, and I did not touch the distributor.  thanks!

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Problem solved!  Replaced the ignition coil.  Not sure how that suddenly went bad after I handled it initially while disabling it to run a compression test.  But i'm pretty stoked, truck is running noticeably better with new plugs and wires too!  Thanks to everybody for the suggestions.

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On the topic of no start issues, I recently had to replace my front oil seal with a repair sleeve, which all literature i have instructed me to tear down all the way past front cover.  i found that un necessary to remove or install the new seal. I still managed to become 180 degrees out. HOW WILL i know if i am back on time as there is still a no start and i do get backfire out of carb. PLEASE help as i am new to this forum or any forum for that matter. thanks

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The only way to become '180 out' Is if you removed the oil pump and the drive spindle. It's the drive spindle that positions the distributor.


IF you did NOT have the spindle out it's something simple


IF you had the spindle out keep going........


Set your engine to TDC (top dead center) on the compression stroke of number one cylinder.

Use the timing scale on the timing cover near the alternator and the notch in the crankshaft pulley.

Unbolt the distributor from the timing cover and lift out.

Looking down inside you will see the top of the drive spindle

It should be in this position....




Note that there is a large and a small half moon. If yours looks like this then your distributor is timed correctly.




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