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For the cargo area or one of the doors?

I and probably many others have used side glass in our garages.

Put an official request for what you want in the Ratsun classifieds or your local craigslist and you will be fine.

Note that there is both clear and tinted side glass (doors/windows/maybe even rear window) for the wagons and sedans so you will want to get a pane that matches.  Take a white piece of paper and hold it against the inside of the glass while looking from the outside.  It becomes pretty obvious if the glass is clear or tinted.


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Factory CLEAR glass 1968-mid 1970/71


Factory TINTED glass mid-1970/71-1973


If the car has been mod'd over the years, you can't always assume it is the glass that came it it......I have seen earlier cars where somebody installed all the later tinted glass, but those were Sedans, not Wagons.


I've seen cars with a mix of clear & tinted, cuz it was all they could find when replacing! 

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