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B210 seats

high winder

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I don't know about fitment,, as i am to lazy to even take a picture of my ole B210 anymore let alone install  nice seats... :hmm:


BUT i'm on what you might call plump side of healthy and i had Mr2 seats in my 510 ( and wife had 2 daily driver Mr2s in past  ) and we took 5-6 hour trips no problem .  Try to find the ones with more adjustments rather than base model seats, if you can

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I've got the mount thing figured out, installed an after market bucket (eBay special) last night and everything is great other than my head rubs on the headliner.


Just having trouble sourcing a pair of lower seats like your Porsche ones.


Maybe I'll try to find some mr2 seats, lots of knock offs on eBay but I'm afraid they will sit to high as well.

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no worries i saw that.


after much trial and error i found a pair of Recaros at the wrecking yard that fit great  :thumbup:  just need to build a mount for the passengers side now.


i got into a wreck with my "B" in December so with the insurance money i'm doing some much needed upgrades along with some body, paint and new front end parts.


you folks have certainly been a well of info..


Thank you

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how much you want for the driver side? :)

Lol, not for sale.

The seat actually split at the stitching on the driver's side about two years after this pic. But I only paid 17$ for the seats to so complaints. 

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Lol, not for sale.

The seat actually split at the stitching on the driver's side about two years after this pic. But I only paid 17$ for the seats to so complaints.


Oh damn, that's a steal. I'm trying tofind a driver seat for mine. My passenger is in mint condition. I really want a bucket seat where I can have my 4 point harness. Guess for now if I can find a good deal on some seats that fit onto the factory seat brackets would be nice
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Just installed these Corvette seats in my 78 B-210 Hatchback. Used the stock tracks with very little mods to make them work..


Did you have to mod the floor pan or seat rails to install those? Any pics of the "very little mods"?


They look great!

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No floor pan mods what so ever and I'm using the stock seat rails. I only modified the seat itself by redrilling new mounting holes and also trimmed where the seat adjustment pull bar is located. Since the B210 floor is not flat and the floor on the transmission side higher than Door side, I hade to raise the door side of the seat about 1-1/2" with spacers...

I will post some pictures to give you a better idea of what I did to make the seats work..


Thanks and they fit like a glove..

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Want to bring this topic back up, since I'm currently trying to get my b210 back up. Definitely, need new driver seat since it's all torn up. Anyone, knows what all kind of seats fit in the b210's? I see mr2's fit, just our junk yard sucks. Thanks in advance. Btw, found these seat brackets, but these seats going to be expensive. https://corbeau.com/nissan-datsun-b-210-75-79-seat-brackets.html

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