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Last blocking issue - flywheel and clutch thickness

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Hi guys - very belated Happy New Year and thanks for all of the help and coaching in 2016.


I am down to one issue on the SR20DE swap in the '67 Triumph - and it has me scratching my head and am hoping that you guys can give me a dope slap to help me resolve it. Here is the issue;


- the clutch and flywheel that came with the engine & attached 71C 5 speed needed to be replaced

- it took a couple different part attempts but I finally found a FRSport sourced SPEC clutch and flywheel


00XH7   SPEC Clutch SN22S Single , Steel Flywheel     03DZU   SPEC Clutch SN331 Single , Stage 1, Torque: 385


- these bolt up properly so I changed the throw out bearing and buttoned everything back up

- once bolted back together the throw out arm wasn't locating properly, more specifically the arm was jammed too far forward to front of the car for the slave cylinder rod to fit properly

- I put a bore scope in the throwout arm opening and didn't see anything wrong so I pulled it back apart

- much head scratching later it occurred to me that I had not measured the thickness of the new vs old flywheel and clutch assembly


Bingo - the new set up is thicker than the old, enough to push the throwout arm too far forward for it all to fit properly. The new clutch and flywheel is approximately 5-10mm thicker than the old assembly.


I suppose I could shorten the push rod to try and make up for that but the fit is sit going to be iffy. Short of machining the flywheel - which would likely leave it too light - any other ideas? Try to find a thinner clutch assembly?





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Agree. IF you can find one. Measure the one you have first. The right collar length is what places the rest of the arm and slave geometry properly

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Thanks guys.


This may be an insane question, but could I machine off the top of this slightly to create clearance?



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Wait - that is insane. Machining that down is taking depth off the wrong side.


I appears that the SR20DET clutch and flywheel are just thicker than the JDM SR20DE set up. Of course, no one carries the JDM SR20DE clutch and flywheel at an affordable price in the USA that I have found. Ugh.

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