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78 b210 engine compartment question


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My son and I are going to rebuild the carburetor in his 78 210. I was wondering what, if any, of the hoses, and/or piping can we remove and still run the engine and drive it. I would like to clean it up a little. get rid of any excess that is not needed. I don't have to worry about emissions where we live.


The carb was already removed when we got the car so I have no idea how its all supposed to go back together yet. So the more I can remove, the less I have to figure out where it goes.

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The egr system is going to be all plugged up by now. Remove it and make a block off plate and buy a plug for the bottom of the exhaust.

Here's my thread for the car above.http://community.ratsun.net/topic/59763-my-1980-datsun-b310-210/I also did this to my 75 b210. It's expected to leave the pcv valve as it removes bad stuff from your block.

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Wow, that is by far the best answer to any question I have ever put on any forum ever! You freakin rock! Both of your engine bays are just how I want our Datsun to look. If you didn't live all the way out in Washington I would most definitely buy you a beer. I'm still going to have him rebuild the old carburetor, he needs to learn how anyways, but from what I have seen and read, the weber conversion is the way to go. Thank you very much for you time and your help. 

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