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Who likes to go camping?

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I like to go to the mountains, the ocean, a river, or a lake. Where you can have a nice campfire. I don't think staying in a fenced in grassy area where you can't have a fire is really camping, just a place to sleep.


What do you all think and how do you camp?

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For me camping was involved with my hobby of hanggliding, we all camped in the LZ(landing zone) and had a campfire every night, the camp fire size depended on how many pilots were there that night, the photo below is of the end of a fire for 100 plus people, the flames at one point were 50 feet plus high.




When the fire was at its biggest, everyone(100+) was a fair distance away from it, as the fire burned it got smaller and smaller as fewer and fewer people were there, one of my friends got thrown into the fire by a local bunch that were looking for trouble, they left but the guy got burned pretty bad, a couple weeks later we suspect the same guys drove by on the road and discharged a firearm, we didn't hear any bullets go by.

The photo below is of the landing area for the hanggilders to land, but the water is coming in and covering the LZ, it happens every year in the spring.


Here the LZ is almost completely under water, at this point it is an emergency landing area, as it is too small for most to attempt to land in.

That little white square against the trees near the road is a homeless guys camp, he was there for a long time.


Camping was different depending on who you were, I camped in tents, camp trailers, but mostly in my car or van, most folks had a truck, van, or trailer, sometimes there were so many camping that it was hard to find a place to land and break down the hangglider.

This is an air to air photo I took of my friend flying his french glider.


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What? I am trying to discuss camping preferences with others here. What do I have to let go? Nothing to do with anything else


You're going with that? Well ok then, see that  it does. I'm not a happy camper right now. I might over react and I have locked two posts already today. Please.... carry on.

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Is sleeping in a station wagon closer to a tent than an RV? I think it is, neither have shitters or anything but a sleeping bag. I like waking up in strange places. By that I mean it looks totally different that at 2AM when I stopped.

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I love camping


Backpacking is my favorite way, hike for 15+ miles into the wilderness where you don't see another human besides to ones you came with.


I've also been getting pretty proficient at car camping with the family. We pack in all the comforts and hit the road for weeks at a time.


But .....I really like camping next a bunch of Datsuns in a fenced in grass field. Don't forget the smell of horse shit. That's what really makes it special

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I like backpacking the most also, you get the most beautiful views and the most solitude. My lady and I have hiked all the way around Mt.Hood, Three Fingered Jack, Black Butte, and most of the way around Jefferson and that doesn't count all the out and back trips and loop trails.

We've also found the luxury of yurts in the cold weather, there's some you can cross country ski out to and others on the coast that are pretty much a cheap way to stay at the coast not super beautiful. The only time I like to car camp is on road trips.


Here's a pic from our last trip in Jefferson Park, a protected area on Mt.Jefferson


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I like to go about 20 miles out with rice and seasonings. Hunter gatherer style for as long as my rice lasts. Usually between 1and 2weeks. I feel amazing when I return to civ. And I generally have a rainfly and hammock in place of a tent. Just my preference after being stung by enough centipedes.

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