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240z Wiper motor help

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Does anybody know which wires run the high setting only. Racing at Laguna Seca this weekend. Old motor gave up and I need to wire spare, spare looks to be from a late model. One black wire and the rest blue with stripes. I only need to direct wire for high (running off a toggle switch)

Need to know what to use for a ground and the high speed


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I have never dealt with a 240Z wiper motor, but you must understand this, there is only one ground wire going to ground, and only one hot wire going in, the rest are internal grounds run thru the wiper switch, but for testing purposes, you have to figure out which wire is the 12 volt in, and the black one is the dedicated ground, once you have that hot wire the rest are all grounds that you ground out to figure out which one is the high speed.

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Rain x does work great when going track speeds but when it's pouring and you are under yellow (12 hour endurance race) you need a wiper, what I did find out is there are three wires coming out of motor as opposed to the wires coming out of the relay and the case has a ground. One of the wires is fed by the stop ( self park) so I believe the other two are the high and low. Both have continuity to ground and one has more resistance so I'm thinking that's the low speed, il know tomorrow morning when we test on a battery .

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