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1967 Datsun 520 Project

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Started working on the floor.  The vinyl covering was cracked and broken, but luckily the floor didn't have any serious rust.  Only a little bit of rust behind the pedals, and a quick sand took it all off.  For sound proofing, I used Frost King duct insulation.  There is a lot of info about using it as a vibration dampener on other forums, with a lot of mixed reviews.  Some folks say it works nearly as well as DynaMat, or similar products.  I personally don't believe that, but I do believe that it will help a little bit, and the price was right.  I was able to cover the floor and door panels for under $40 (2 rolls @ ~$19 each), with a little left over for doubling up in certain areas.  I'm going to be putting carpet over it anyways, and that should help a bit too.




Floor all sanded and cleaned, ready for insulation




Duct insulation installed




Also made some speaker boxes for under the seats, as I wanted to keep the door panels looking clean.  Carpet is going in today (hopefully), will have some pictures soon.

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Been staying busy with the carpet and panels and such.  I have a handful of pictures for show-and-tell:




Carpet in.  It doesn't cover completely (it was for a different truck), but close enough.  Some old floor mats cut to fit cover the rest.








Panels all finished and insulated to keep from vibrating against the metal.  Need a few more pins.


I was planning on keeping the radio that was in already (not stock, but a classic look still), but the tuner didn't work and cassette player was pretty spotty as well.  Took it apart and decided that it was beyond my abilities to fix.  Installed a Sony multimedia player (no CD player, keeps the unit much shallower).




Without a CD player, this is shallow enough to fit without hitting the heater behind.




Had to cut the dash a bit.




Installed.  I put a little bead of sealant around the face (not pictured) to keep it looking clean, and prevent any little movements.




All back together and cleaned.




Old floor-mats hide the most of the areas not covered by carpet.


Started some lumber racks as well.



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Finished up the lumber racks:








Still waiting for the door rubber the get in, but other than that I'm pretty happy with the progress on the truck.  I think I'm more or less finished with little upgrades for now, time for this little work truck to get busy actually working.  Sometime in the distant future I imagine a motor swap will be happening, but with everything working so well now I'm not in a huge rush.

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