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Help! questionable missing bolts on 720


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The thing about them is that sometimes when they are removed(hard to remove) it buggers up the threads and it is very hard to get them back in, especially on the 521, you could remove the one still in there and go to the hardware store and buy new ones of similar size, squirt a bunch of WD40 in the hole and put the new ones in.

Did you look up the hole to be sure that whoever removed them didn't break them off, if they are broke off, then you will have to drill them and try to easy out the remains.

Your lucky it's not cold out like it is here(it was 14 degrees last night).

It's the sway bar mount, it will likely be alright, but it would be good to have all 4 bolts holding it there.

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What size is the head of the bolt?


14mm or 17mm head - likely a 10mm thread


12mm - 8mm thread


10mm - 6 mm thread


Buy coarse and fine versions and try threading it in carefully. Don't force it, just try it.

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thought maybe i could cheat  B) oh well, ill get back under there tomorrow after work.


It's possible, but better to know for sure. To get it back in, you can put a jack and piece of wood up there. lift until snug up against the cross member. Might be a bit of a challenge to get it lined up straight.


Pro-tip for avoiding crossthreading: When threading a bolt in, insert fastener, thread it in reverse (left) until you feel a click, that is the last threads on the bolt and hole lining up. Then thread in normally. Hope that makes sense.. hard to explain over interwebs.

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