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old guy in Seattle needs possible heater help on his Datsun( from Tana)


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Ok, so Herb's heater valve showed up. shipped from Japan so it took a while.




Here is a side by side comparison. I was looking for the tubing to be the same with a mounting solution I could live with.




Looks like the tabs are not oriented correctly to use the original bracket to mount up




So I cut off the bracket and used some machine screws to attach the valve to the original mechanism







And back together with new hoses I had laying around







Pressure tested and repair confirmed!


Time to call Herb and set up an install time

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Got Herb's heater up and running today. Worked out just fine.


I have a request for the community here. His wipers stopped working due to a worn out motor linkage pivot. Anyone have one they can part with? Here is a picture of what I am looking for







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Amazing fix on the heater valve! Now if only we could find a similar valve for the 510.. anyone?

Taking some copper pipe to Al today so his radiator guy can fix my cracked pipe, I'll disassemble the valve itself and replace the o-rings, I'll make a thread when i get it back next weekend to explain and post oics of what he did, i don't think there's a worse one than mine and he said he can fix it, :thumbup:

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