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old guy in Seattle needs possible heater help on his Datsun( from Tana)


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hi folks, many years ago I drove to Wallingford, just north of downtown Seattle and repaired (by myself) this older guy's split fuel filler hose on his Datsun, either a 710 or 810 wagon.  He was the nicest guy, retired, not much money at all however.  Now he says his heater is not working and the mechanic wants loads of money to fix it, not actually knowing the situation.  Possibly stuck valve?   Or heater core needs taken out and rebuilt?  He can pay a bit but not alot.  I can give his name and number if anyone might be willing to put on Datsun angel wings and go and give him a call and a visit.  His mechanic told him to give up the Datsun but he "really loves" his Datsun wagon and I would hope he could keep it at least a few more years to bring him some happiness. 

Please write me at:  vindats@yahoo.com   if you might be able to help him out.  I would, but my health as most of you have heard is not so good these days.  I still love to play with car parts and sell some parts and take care of my pets, but can't do what I used to be able to do.  Feel free to send me an email and just say hello too!  Thanks, Tana Bryan    home phone:  360 469 4187, living south of Auburn, Wa. 

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Bus ticket


if he lived closer I would least look at it. But the newer models are abit more intense on how to get at the valve or vaccum assited valves


Arches Father Scott (oldJapanese guy)could maybe look at it if he drives it to his shop Close to GeorgeTown.

You know Archie he works at Autosport Seattle. He know you from the NWDE meetings.




Now heres the info and if hes motivated to get it fixed he will use this info. Otherwise he better learn ofr take the bus. and sell that wagon


Scott(Kato)  did my Kingpins  cheap.  60$ a side

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So he had the heater bypassed on a road trip so he could make it home. I had to come up with a way to leak test the heater assembly. Here is what I pulled out




Looking it over, I think I see a problem at the heater valve. A pretty common failure point from what I read.




I scrounged around in the garage and came up with a tool to pressurize the system. Not the pretty example you would buy on the tool truck, but it should work. The hoses are pretty long, but I didn't want to cut them just for this adventure.




Have to be super careful with this sort of thing. Twist the regulator valve too far and there will be some serious damage here. I practiced to get a feel for the regulator before connecting


Looks like one of the hoses is leaking.




Aaand the valve too. Good news is the core appears solid




I'm going to try the NAPA o ring rebuild method I found searching ratsun. Will stop on the way home tomorrow

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O ring worked great on my 510. While you have it out, Pour some CLR into the core and let it sit. Then (with valve out of circuit) connect a garden hose to the core, switch back and forth on the inlet/outlet. I blasted out tons of corrosion from my core doing this. Made my heater work awesome when it didnt before.

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Hey thanks guys. Seemed like the thing to do to help him out.


The heater box came right out pretty easily. The heater hoses were already disconnected. 3 bolts, 2 cables. Pull out the ashtray, shift into 4th and out it came.


Looks like a new valve is needed. The 4 prongs were pretty rotten. Very careful hose removal broke the retaining tabs. Boo!





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