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Photobucket VS Alterantives

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Does Photobucket work any better if you feed them a token amount of $$ yearly compared to 'Freebies' and is there a good alternative to host photos to post on Ratsun and elswhere.


Works OK 60-70% of the time and at other times is a 'Royal POS'. 


Open to suggestions.



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It really depends on what type of computer you are using, the folks with the hand held type seem to have issues that I don't have with my desktop computer, that is why I don't try to explain step by step how to post photos anymore, I just grab the code when they fail and post it for them if someone else doesn't do that first, Flicker kinda sucks, it will not let me grab the codes more than half the time.

I use Photolame again when I have to, as Picasa is worse now than Photolame.

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When PB works, it works good and slick.


At least 30% of the time it lolligags and cartwheels endlessly.


I've been through Explorer, Firefox, and now Chrome.


Chrome works the best, but there's still snafus from time to time. 


I'm not a tightwad but try to spend wisely. If a little $$/Grease to the skids would make it work 98% of time I wouldn't mind, but don't want to throw $$ down a hole.


Just sounding out members experience here.



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I use photobucket, and it is ok, maybe a lower case "ok", not an upper case "OK", lower case is flagged by my browser for a spelling error.


I have no other brower, or E-mail windows open when uploading to photobucket.   When posting links in Ratsun,  I try to have a tab for the Ratsun post, and a second tab open for Photobucket.  I just put the photo links in the Ratsun post, in the order I want them on the post, and do not add any text to the Ratsun post, until all the photo links are in the Ratsun post, and save it.  Then the Photobucket link is closed, or the browser is closed, and then reopened with Ratsun only.  Then I go and use edit to add all the text to the Ratsun post, without Photobucket interfering with Ratsun.

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postimage.org . you can create an account or not - they don't care so long as you ain't putting up XXX stuff.


Thanks, a.d._510_n_ok, That works pretty slick, so far.


I couldn't access my folders for three days earlier this past week when I initiated this thread. For the first couple days the photos in posts that i'd posted over two years ago weren't showing up. About Thursday the post photos started showing up again. Still couldn't get into PB; just endless cartwheeling. 


That Postimage works slicker than camel snot. Thanks again.



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Unless you want to re-insert all your photos back into all your threads in all your posts that have photos do not do anything to your photo hosting albums, once the link is broken it is gone forever, it's kinda sad when a newbie or member uses the search function only to find all the photos(half the time the most important part) gone, like most of Sealik's photos and he posted a lot about the LZ23 engine build.

Just leave your photos in Photolame and open a new account somewhere else like "Postimage" if that site works for you, and all your old photos will still work, I didn't use Photolame for 2/3 years after they changed their format and I used Picasa during that time, well Picasa changed their format and now I am back using Photolame.


If you delete or close your account at Photolame all your posted photos will be gone in all your threads that you used Photolame as a host to publish them.

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All 12 oics I've posted.. from postimage , on windows xp. Ha, Only thing that worked for me after opening someone elses posted pic. I need a computer, anybody using phone , android to post ? How

half of the time i'm on my phone, can tell by proper capitals and whatnot. i have the photobucket ap (how i upload my pictures as my phone is a better camera than my camera) and haven't had any issues going from the ap to the posting. 

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Screwing with the original hosted photo in any way breaks the link to the post it was contained in and therefore the image in the post. 


Could be considered the equivalent of 'Burning Bridges' in other instances.


I'm leaving the PB account 'As-Is' so as to not screw up previous posts, but I suppose that it could be accepted that PB and I are in the process of a divorce.



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