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After many years of storage I've decide to put the 510 together as a track car.  I've hit a dead end with the engine compartment wiring harness.  The one I have is cut up in places and I can't seem to match available wires to the wiring diagram (DAMB Productions).  I know I didn't do the cutting and I can't find the other one.  Troy Ermish suggested that a guy named Jeff Hino could maybe help.  But I just need some input.



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I just restored a 1973 510 engine compartment harness......it's a pain in the rear, but straight forward.  If you need another 1972 harness to work with, I should have one, but it will need restoration, and we need to figure out exactly which harness.  PM me for details!


First, none of the "factory" wiring diagrams in ANY of the manuals, ie Haynes, Chiltons etc etc, are correct for our USA-spec cars with dual points, switch box, etc etc.  Are you aware of the "Paolo diagrams"??  If not, email him at paolo@cedarcomm.com, tell him TJ sent you!  I just ordered a COMPLETE set for the various years (cuz I work on a bunch of these cars!).  Basically, he is the guy that laid each USA-spec year wiring harness COMPLETE out some years ago, and hand drew them........... all of the various year schematics (EXCEPT for the later rare 1973, which is what I needed, but I figured it all out!! :crying: ), printed them in COLOR CODE (!! :thumbup: ), and sells them laminated.  He will ask if your car is or was a MANUAL or AUTOMATIC.......wiring is slightly different.  You can find some of them online, but I would rather PAY the guy that saved our asses by doing this what he wants, and have it sitting on my work bench in front of my face!


****** Problem........my account here on Ratsun has STOPPED sending me emails when others ask me questions/reply to threads etc, and I don't always come back the next day to look at these threads, SO PM ME if you have any questions!!  Datzenmike has tried to fix this issue, but to no avail!!  :confused:  :confused: .  I will try to get back here in next few days!!

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TJ, I just checked your account and your message popup is active and should be working. If your mailbox is full it won't accept any more. If so just delete any old mail to make room. I'm going to send you a PM in a few minutes to try it out...

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PS do you know Steve Bonk in Chicago area?  He is THE vintage race man in the midwest..........AND he's a kinda cool dood!!! :thumbup:  PM me if you need his contact info!

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