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My butt has soooo much Datsun Limoziiiine!!! Chevy rules New2017eeen

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Draker, that last one was for you. Beer time.


Gato. I look forward to showing you where I stand at the bar.


2017. Good so far.


Time to switch to beer. Fucking Vietnom in this bitch. If you e never spent New Year's Eve in spam country, then you just can't know.

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You better have like 27 more of those if you ever plan on keeping up with gato plano.



Ya dig?

27 has me beat for an evening. But not for a day.



I did down a bottle of tequila on one less than festive occasion. I'll pass on repeating that one

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Yes. I might have over indulged last night. Why I was on my phone? No idea. Party was great. Whole street was going off. I'm never leaving my new neighborhood again on New Years Eve. Today is cleanup. I walked down the street to pick oranges for mimosas this morning. There were several hung over dads sweeping fireworks from their driveway. It was funny to see them like zombies trying to hang on.

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