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Found a new 78 king cab

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That's an ambitious project you know. The L28 is a minimum of 190cm or 7.5" longer so good-bye firewall and heater or rad goes in the back. Many have tried and failed and there are lots of Nissan engines 4 cylinder engines that are much lighter and make the same power. If the only reason is, that you have an old L28 laying around, re-think this. A VG30E would fit with work and really impress. 


It's your truck ultimately.  Use our search function try L28 into 620 or variants such as 6 cylinder into 620 or six into 620. I found this one....  http://community.ratsun.net/topic/26947-project-620z/  .... It will show some of the many problems associated will making something fit that doesn't fit.  Most of the posts are about how unwise this is I'm afraid.


Take lots of pictures...


Welcome to Ratsun.

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