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H190 rear end resto - A little help?


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Hey guys - 


Building a 77 KC and have disassembled the rear axle completely.  Replaced axle seals, have new wheel bearings, and have it ready to go back together.


Unfortunately, several projects came up in the middle of working on it, I lost my train of thought, and now I'm stumped.  I've reviewed the FSM, which is not helping much.  


Here's my question:  There are two rubber seals needed to reassemble the bearing cage.  They don't have part numbers, so I'm having a tough time finding replacements.


Sorry for the largish pics, but I wanted to try and catch the detail if it's helpful.  TIA for any help finding these.


(Before the inevitable suggestion, yep - I already tried RockAuto and a few other sites... their pics/descriptions aren't real confidence-inspiring.)





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Nissan part numbers



oil seal............. 38212-73000... Believe this fits into the axle tube, keeps sloshed diff oil out of the wheel bearing. (probably the small one)



grease seal..... 43232-B5000... Believe this is on the axle between the bearing cage and the wheel bearing to keep water out from the wheel side. (probably the large one)

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Thanks Mike!


I already have the axle seal (the one that goes in the axle tube).  


43232-B5000 is a plain seal with no flanges or anything.  The bigger one in the pic has a flare to it and a lip to fir over the outer edge of the bearing cage... it goes here (red arrow in pic) but the FSM drawing sucks and has no part number.  




The other one (the smaller one) is bigger than an axle seal - it goes in the bearing cage, but I can't recall how I took it apart. :(

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