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A series Distributor to L series


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I know the drive connection is different, worm gear on a series and slot on L series. Are they swappable; as in punch out the pin and put the different end on? I accidentally bought an a series to upgrade my dizzy to electronic. The tang would come off an l18 points distributor if that makes a difference.


If it isn't straight forward I'll just go get a different distributor, I just want to check first before mailing it back. I did a search and got inconclusive info that it may work.

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Im going to put this up here in the event someone for some reason needs this info. I went ahead and gave it a try. I actually didn't get far. I pulled my stock single point, knocked the roll pins out of both, and then saw it wasn't going to work. The "slot" on the original points distributor is not on the detachable end piece. It's actually pressed(?) into the end of the distributor shaft so it does not come off.



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Even the stock ones are a bit sloppy. There was a post about placing a small aluminum pop can tab in there and setting the distributor down on it, pinching it in place. The CAS ones Z24i and KA engines have a spline to reduce this sloppy fit. The timing for low pollution engines are that accurate/critical.

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