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Looking for replacement blade windshield wipers for 1981 Datsun 720


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I kept mine original and refused to put those plastic things on. I buy rubber refills and cut my own. Not sure how the 720 ones are.


There's the wiper arm and it clips onto the wiper blade assy. Can you post a picture? http://community.ratsun.net/topic/54932-photobucket-ratsun/


If it's the arm I doubt it can be fixed just replaced. If it's the wiper blade, they are everywhere.

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I think we're talking about different parts. See broken metal piece.





This is the wiper arm. The missing part is the windshield wiper blade assy. The end of the arm may be damaged but otherwise a wiper 'refill' should just 'snap' on.





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The end of the arm is damaged. A wiper blade replacement isn't going to fix the issue. Usually the wiper arm has a u shaped end so you can slide the replacement wiper blafe on. In this case, the u and the end of the arm has snapped off.

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Not correct. Many 720s do not use j-hooks. That dot or "pin" about an inch back from the end is the lock. The straight arm just slides in to the wiper connector which locks on that pin. that looks identical to my 85 720. I just went and checked to be sure.

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Pretty much all Datsuns used a bayonet arm, although I've seen some that were converted to use a pin (or had a pin originally, not sure) with an adaptor that slid over the bayonet.  It wasn't until the late 80s or so that J-hook ones showed up on Nissans; my Pathfinder has a J-hook for the rear wiper.

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