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Weber velocity stack info and pics


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Hey ratsun party people,

I finished mounting my freshly ceramic coated exhaust manifold and Canon intake. I test mounted the rear weber 45 and have limited clearance between it and the master bleeder (1.5 inch). I am using phenolic spacers. Please let me know what air filters or velocity stacks are appropriate to use and please post pics, they are somewhat limited on Google.

Merry Christmas and happy New year!


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Talk to RedLine, or some other Weber/Mikuni/Delorto shop.

I've seen 1" tall elements for sidedraft carbs.

With a sheet metal housings that they offer, you should be fine.

You can then mount very short stacks (1/2" tall) inside.

I was going to suggest CB Performance, but their assemblies end up 1.5" tall, which would leave zero clearance.


You may also look into thinner isolators. There are some that are only 1/4" thick, and it doesn't effect heat transfer hardly at all,

since most of the heat is actually coming through the metal to metal contact of the studs & nuts, or from the header.

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You don't NEED to run an air cleaner. Some people like to, but it's not a requirement.


Sock filters are horrible for what they do to the circulating air coming into an air velocity stack, so if you're going to use an air filter, use something like the ITG filters which go around the entire carb face, or better yet, fab an air box with a cone filter up front.


For clearance to the master cylinder, use a brake fluid reservoir relocation kit from Wilwood. It gets that part of the equation taken care of so art least the reservoir isn't blocking the incoming air.






I don't have a pic specifically of the master cylinder relocation kit installed, but you can see it in these two pics if you look closely. You can also see the ITG air filter backing plate attached to the carbs.





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Here's a pic of an air box for dual side drafts. It's on a 2002.




And here's a company that sells air boxes for ITG backing plates. With a little modifying, I'm sure anyone could make this work.


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