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Minnesota 720 Owners

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Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I was wondering if there are any other 720 owners up here in Minnesota. I've been looking on the internet for a Datsun Club here in MN, and I haven't come across any active websites that are doing meetups or anything like that. I was at the LQK (only one in MN) up in Blaine, and the big guy working the desk there said that supposedly there is a guy up there that has four 720s in his garage/driveway, but he was unable to confirm whether they were 620's, 720's, or hardbodys. You'd be hard pressed to find even a hardbody up here that isn't completely rusted out or a hunting/mudding rig, so I can only imagine that there are not too many 720's left up here. Personally, I had never even seen or heard of a 720 before I purchased my '86 4x4. I know there is one guy on the forums up here in the cities, but I forget his name, so that makes for a total of two 720's in MN, running or otherwise. No junkyards have them, which is a bummer. If anyone's up here, light a smoke signal or something so I can have someone to appreciate these vehicles with. 

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Distributorguy I think is from Minnesota.

I noticed that when I was reading some stuff in General Discussion... I think it was Insomniacs or the new one, I'm not sure. I remembered the other guy whos from around here, 84720FourWheel! He's my age too I think. Maybe this thread best belongs in General Discussion; I'm still getting used to this whole "forum" thing. 

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