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510 Datsun manual transmision electric diagram

Edgar Robles

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Hi, this is my first post then i want to share you a completely jpg to svg restored electric diagram that I made on inkscape; I added few more icons and info from the original one.;Everyone is free to use or modify.


A3 pdf format



SVG file



i hope is gonna be useful. :thumbup:

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Really nice drawing.  I'm working on a 72 510 and I am hung up on the engine compartment wiring.  Over the last two weeks I've learned that there are several different harnesses.  I think mine doesn't match yours entirely.  Nothing is easy, especially if you're not an electrical guy.

Thanks for your drawing

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So I suck at reading these things but I think you've done a great job. I have a problem with my 72 dime. I have no power to my headlights, fuel gauge, ebrake light, oil light, reverse, blinkers, brake lights(when brakes applied) I do have running lights, 4-way flashers, backlight to the dash. Any ideas? I've checked fuses and they seem alright.

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Did you have another thread on this?????????


If one grabs a slightly different harness then the fuse box might be a issue as there was 2 different at least I know.

Mine did not have headlights when I put another fuse box in and there is s copper bus ba under neather that supplied the 12V power o the other side of the fuse box.

I put the old box back in as it had corroded wires on the back side. I fixed and and reinstalled and was fine.   YOu you need to power it separately the circuts to make sure my theory is correct or somebody shows the back side of different fuse boxes.

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