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Win a Datsun Roadster???

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Did you notice you posted this at 3:11?






And i would enter but i like going to the local Ratsun meets and obviously i couldn't if i owned a roadster.


Keen observation.



Upon reading sweepstakes...Those that click on my link and enter their email get their own link to C/P.


Everyone that clicks your link adds one entry to the sweepstakes for you...Etc, etc, etc...


Maybe spam. Maybe legit.


At that price you could steal/swap the carbs and scrap the rest.

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Know what a Karakul is? It's a special breed of sheep that produces a special wool skin hat that is worn in Afghanistan. It is said that the Karakul is a difficult hat to look good in and only a hansom man might wear it properly.


Roadsters are like that, and while I can drive anything with wheels I don't think I could look good in one.

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The link I pasted...You click it and enter your email address. That is my entry.


When you share the unique address and someone else clicks that, you have been entered.


FB. IG. Pinterest. Text. Email...Whatever you have to do to share.



If you read about the charity putting this on...It is an automotive themed amusement park. They are apecial-needs based/sensory friendly and also hire the same.

Really cool cause. Every one should be jumping on a free chance to help.

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The group hosting this "giveaway", is a IndieGoGo campaign that would like to one day open a 350-Million dollar theme park, as of now, they've only raised $300... I personally believe that this is just a stunt to get your email addresses on file so they can spam you with donation requests, seen it before on fundraising start-ups. 


The idea of an automotive-theme park is incredibly unlikely in this world and I saw in their promo video that they claim it will have the world's largest indoor waterpark, and then they show videos of the Tropical Islands Resort in Germany... That's just shady advertising! 

Not impressed.


Here's another problem: NOWHERE on their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/garageguysllc/Or on any Garage Guys site is there mention of a giveaway! So this "upvir.al" link could be a 3rd party scam with no connection at all! 

Be warned: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

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