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Hey Over,


It if is an original Tach they are hard to come by and expensive to replace if it is dead.  Early tachs are not serviceable if there is anything seriously wrong with them, as the parts are all mounted on the main unit.  I wouldn't take it apart and risk screwing it up if it is partially working. Most guys ruin the needles and shaft trying to get the face off.


Later tachs have a circuit board that can be replaced if they are dead, and if the shop can source another one to canibalize.


There is a shop near me that specializes in Foreign tachs, and they will bench test it for free, and give you a repair estimate for free, but they are slower than snot, like getting a boat serviced. But you'd have to uninstall it, and pay shipping to get it to them. PM me if you're interested for their info.


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