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Exhaust wrap?

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It's used on race cars to keep the exhaust hot and flowing fast right out of the head. Pipes run much hotter underneath the wrap and this may shorten their life? On a street car I would only use it to lower under hood temperatures if I couldn't fix it any other way.. 

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Yah been bored doing some reading today. Your right Seems like it kills the headers quicker. Might keep engine bay temp down but the headers suffer. Seems like coatings are a better solution.

Gonna work on shielding the other components from the heat instead...

Heath shield under the carb and intake and some heat shields on the fuel and brake lines under the hood...

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YES. Ceramic coatings are recommended, makes the header rust less too.


Had a 5 year old 521 back in the 70s and put a header on it. Lesson learned... it ran no better at all!!!!! and cost an arm and a leg. Took a whole weekend to put on, didn't really fit well, came loose/needed constant tightening, noisy, increased under hood temps and in three months it was all rust/ looked like shit. The best thing for your L16 is the stock cast iron header that is on it. I just put one on my L20B this spring. Only advantage with a header is they are lighter.


A header may add  some power if you have a well modified L16 with a cam, multiple carbs, ported, larger valves, some compression.... but really if you look at the stock manifold it's really a header to begin with.

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But Smoke said....




I don't have a few hundred bucks sitting around for food these days. Ha, for all I know, it might just be the thermal wrap with no metal under it. I have been really curious though, but they don't leak, so I have been afraid to 'fix' it.


Hell, for something that might be even worse, my sandrail header is wrapped. It has been charged through the salt water on many occasion. That's working on 7 years.



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Sadly I do not hAve the stock exhaust manifold any more, I actually did the headers more for looks, but I do have a bunch of mods to my engine, bored over,higher compression, different head with bigger valves and intake runners and a side draft so I may see a few benefits...

And I actually used the manifold paint from Por 15. Even sprayed inside . See what happens I guess. Thanks.

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I am going to use Lava Wrap on my Y pipe only. The headers are getting coated,but the pipe connecting then is getting wrap to minimize cabin heat and to protect them. 


Now please take into consideration I live in So Cal where there is hardly any rain and no snow, and the car will be parked most of the time. Oh, and it am running a VG34E

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Lots of so called stainless headers on E-gay are made out of 400 series stainless and will rust just as bad as mild steel. 303/304 is the only good steel for rust free headers. Carbon in the steel is what causes the rust. If you buy some stainless, first check it out with a magnet. 303/304 will not stick to the magnet at all.

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