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510 2 door 1/4 window trim


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I'm wondering what people have done for 2-door 1/4 window lower trim?


4-door 510s have the chrome trim at the top of each door but most 2-doors (Not Coupes) I've seen,

still have the trim above the doors but not along the lower part of the 1/4 window. 


Anyone have any ideas of what to use here? I don't think I would want to cut up a 4-door's back door trim ...




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I chromed my window frames. There were some 2 doors that had the stainless on the roof cutters, and covering the 1/4 window frames, but difficult to remove intact.  So, usually tossed once removed for a new paint job. Since you can get the rubber weather stripping for the glass to window frame from Datsport now.  You could take the 1/4 window apart and chrome just the lower frame or all of them as I did.  On my current build I powder coated the door seal trim, painted the front door window frame, door pillar and window frame area on the car black, and powder coat the 1/4 window frame black.  Pictures of both cars below.  Hope this helps you with your decision on what to do.  You can find the trim parts at this link for reference, most likely no longer available. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/bluebird-1968-1973/body-(sedan)
Chrome Window frame and polished front door trim


My current project with black painted frame areas

I don't have any pics of the black door trim or 1/4 windows installed. Hopefully you can get the idea of what it might be like.

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