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79 KB310 TS Project


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I honestly think there should be a subsection in the technical area for Carbs but as I don't see one and it does pertain to my build. . .



Has anyone bothered with FAJS carbs? A buddy of mine in Aussie-land says they're just as good as any other carb when tuned as they should but I figured I'd ask here.

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Yeah Yeah, I know you guys are getting sick of not seeing any pictures and just this boring text, deal with it you'll get enough to make you puke whenever it is I get back. 


On another note, friend of mine, by dumb luck, came across an LSD for my H150 at a swap meet over here and after a shit ton in shipping, it's on the way back to the States. 

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Those mirrors are pretty awesome...   :w00t:


I kept jumping around on what mirrors I wanted then I found those, kinda made my mind up with them and I've NEVER seen them State side. There is more, just not going to post anything until I have more pictures, No one like text only... 

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FYI, I have a driveshaft for it too.


Aren't all manual driveshafts the same? If not, I'll go ahead and take it. By the time I get back, I want to have everything ready to just put it all together. As it stands I have everything short of the Sunny badges that go on the two rear sides and a better (then what it has) suspension. 

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Ready by Canby, eh?

If I have enough time to lego it together and get paint thrown on, it might just happen. 


I'm sure they are. I've just held onto this one because it has replaceable u-joints, and most don't.  ;)

Everything is replaceable (with enough work) but send me a PM or something, can never have too many extra parts. 

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Just made the transfer for this so it'll be waiting to go in and get the coupe back on the road even faster then expected. Much thanks to John for the heads up on it. I'll run this stupid clean A14 until I finish building the A15 I have. 








That's the engine and trans outta my 210! You better believe it's clean, it only had 38k on it when I bought the car and I broke just over 40k when I pulled it. Glad to see it's going to help another 210 back to the road.

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That's the engine and trans outta my 210! 


Well if I can get a hold of your front suspension setup, I'll be good to go until the A15 is finished. 


As it stands I have a really old SkunkWorks coilover set that was going to go on the front and I just picked up these HKS springs for the rear. 




They're about an inch lower then the PitRoad set so I hope it's not going to be too low but we'll see. 

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Is it just me or is photobucket being a bucket of shit right now?


Anyway.... Take a guess whats on the way back State side!


Did you guess quad 32mm Mikuni?


How the hell did you know? 




Crappy camera phone, deal with it!

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Good news everyone!



NEVER send your used carbs into the States.

Customs informed me they have "confiscated and destroyed" the carbs and manifold because it was found they had minute traces of petrol still inside them. 


Not sure how I missed anything from cleaning or how they cleared Japan customs only for this to happen but shit happens I guess... Back to looking for another intake and carbs. ...












Bullshit US customs. 

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What the hell? Stupid government. That sucks. There has to be a way to do it. Used Engines have traces of gas in them.


Exactly, and they ship engines and cars into the States all the time.


I cleaned and prepped as they should have been as well as having all customs paperwork in order so there was no reasons for this to happen but who knows. I've heard some bad stories about custom agents sending out these notices and taking the shipped item, no idea if that's true or not but I did request a full explanation as to why they decided this was a needed action to take with my personal property as well as requesting prof to back their claims. No idea if that'll go anywhere but I do have the paperwork from Japan customs (they're even more strict) showing it cleared there, even with their "everything has to be cleaned and not radioactive" paperwork.   


I honestly don't expect a reply and if I get one it'll be months from now (typical US government) It really does piss me off but what can you do about it other then warn anyone else that might want to ship something similar back to the states. 


FYI, anyone that cares, it was CA customs that it entered. . . Not sure how to determine the port of entry but all my larger parts always seem to enter from Chicago customs and the slowest shipped items as well as anything from Europe, enter via NY customs. . . 

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Quick question about customs, did you have the items shipped via ems? Was it by air? I wonder if the same rules apply if they would have been shipped by boat.

I was shipped Via EMS and yes that's by air. The same rules apply to everything that enters into the USofA doesn't matter how it gets into country, everything has to clear customs and it's up to the custom agents to clear or reject any item. I've shipped a ton of parts from over here and never had any problems guess my luck just ran out?

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