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Good Bye Oregon Datsuns!! The salt is here......


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Oregon expanding the use of salt on highways. Fuck.


They have been using it on mountain passes for the last year or so.. 'testing'. 


Last night they used it on a 9 mile stretch of I5 between Albany and Salem... it's coming.


Hide your kids, hide your Datsuns. Cause they saltin' erbody out here.


Run and tell dat, home boy.








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A couple days ago NPR had someone on the show talking about how salt is only used in the southwest and southeast corners of the state. I was almost proud to hear that, haha. Looks like they're scrapping that plan and going to the salt. That does suck.

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Washington started several years back. Really sad to see vehicles you'd owned for years with no rust start rusting in one season.

Heard caliper replacement is way up since they started.



Don't replace those leaky crank seals

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Here we dribble a brine solution on municipal roads. It's more for prevention of frost. Easy to apply and stays put. Not needed when raining. There is no substitute for salt that works as well for as cheap. Rinse off with water.... it's all you can do. Undercoat next summer. Save your oil changes and spray the undersides in the fall. I lived in Ontario and a winter car was an option.

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They can only use the salt when there's more than 1/4 to half inch of ice since the plows can't dig in, once that ice is broken up by weakining it by the ice and truck chains (yes they use us to break up the ice) the plows come in and sweep it to the shoulder while they dump a mixture of ground up rocks and salt....yes....not only you have the salt but also the rocks flying at your windshield :(

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