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Rear air shocks


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I had Hi-Jackers on my 521 truck, but I had a lot of weight in my 521 all the time, I also hauled around a trailer, so the Hi-Jackers with two extra leafs did the job, but when the truck is empty it made for a harsh ride, I was using them to keep my truck level, I don't know what you are trying to accomplish.

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Air shocks are used to raise the ride height. This can be from saggy springs or a heavy load. I suppose if you have a lowered vehicle they could be aired up and down to raise and lower the ride height.


If lowering your 620 do not remove leaves from the spring pack, do not heat them to make them sag lower. Use lowering blocks, have the arch removed at a spring shop or replace them with 720 4x4 springs.

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Search the site for 'air shocks'... lots of info. Like this and this.


I've run air shocks for for a while (still on my 620 at the moment), but I've acquired a set of 720 4WD leaf springs that I'm going to swap in in the near future.


I was never pleased with the ride of the air shocks.  It was better with the standard shocks.  Just could not carry anything heavy.  With the air shocks I can air them up and carry heavy shit.


My opinion is that they work, however they are a compromise that doesn't excel at either application (loaded or unloaded).  Kind of like universal parts... fits everything, but nothing well.

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Thought I’d update my earlier post...

After converting to 720 4x4 leafs (3 leafs - 4th overload leaf with funky weight was removed) my opinion of the air shocks has completely changed.


My 620 now rides as good as a car! Plus, I can add air for heavy loads when necessary.


I typically run them at 30 psi. I’m using 3” lowering blocks.

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