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720 auto to manual swap


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If you have all and I mean ALL the parts on the 'parts trruck, it's just mechanical.


Electrical? The automatic transmission has an interlock switch that prevents the truck starting in any position other than PARK  or  NEUTRAL in order to start, These two wires must be joined together. The reverse lamps must be wired to the 5 speed reverse switch..... that's about it.


What year 720. There may be differences in differential ratios between an automatic and a manual. The speedometer would be very wrong reading.

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Yellow/White and Yellow/Red are the two reverse lamp wires. Polarity does not matter on the 5 speed transmission switch. It's the one about 5" to the rear of the clutch fork boot, about half way up the side.



Brown and Blue/Red are the two inhibit wires that need to be joined together so the ignition works.

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